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Denix Moving and Storage Solutions brings you secure and workable storage recourse. We havenationwide storage facilities that are apt for your residential and commercial storage requirements. All your possessions are carefully packed before being stacked in the facility.

Denix Moving and Storage Solutions take full responsibility for packing, collecting, and the security of your items. In case, you plan to retrieve them, let us know and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Whether you are downsizing, moving overseas, looking for a secure facility, or renovating your place, we can help you with our flexible services that bring you cost-effective storage solutions.


You can use our self-storage facility for both business and personal use. With the flexible options, you can extract a space that matches your requirements. We offer clean and secure facilities at reasonable prices. It is your unit, and there are no restrictions for accessing it.

Whether you are a student, renovating your place, moving abroad, or downsizing, you can utilize our secure facility that comes with plenty of additional amenities that you can benefit from.

Premium Self Storage Facility

With a key to your storage facility, you can come and go as you please. We have made self-storage for you as effortless as we can by our door-to-door service. From packing, exporting, storing, to security, we handle all. You can even ask for retrieval, and we will deliver the item to you.

If you want to handle your items on your own, you are allowed to that too. You can pack your things, carry them, and even load them on your own!

If you are thinking about acquiring your self-storage facility, you can contact us to get your further queries answered and obtain access to a facility that meets your needs.

Container Storage

You get container warehouse measuring 50,000sq ft. that allow you a secure storage option for your business or home furniture, valuables, machinery, equipment, or anything. Running out of storage area at your home or offices is no longer a problem.

The steel containers keep your items secure. Following safety and security protocols, you need to inform us 5-days prior to retrieving anything so we can bring your container to an indoor landing area. One of our porters will be with you to help you with the loading and unloading of an item. All your secured items are listed in our list of inventory.

Why Go For Container Storage

Compared to self-storage, container storage is more economical. Things that are not used on a daily basis can be stored for a long time in the containers. You have a managed service at your disposal that is fully managed and tracked for all the activities. We can pick and drop your items at your doorstep if you need.

Container storage is a secure and flexible way to declutter your spaces or safe-keep your belongings in a secure and monitored facility from where you can retrieve the item when you need it. You can contact us to know more about the best storage options that we can offer you.

Interior Design Storage

Denix Moving and Storage Solutionsprovide a complete set of solutions for our interior designers. Our managed store and inventory management services benefit the interior designers for stashing their expensive decorative pieces that need premium care and storage settings.

Denix Moving and Storage Solutions has facilities throughout the country that is spacious, clean, and protected. Our team of experts has a professional Manager through whom you can contact and coordinate everything for you for each of the projects.

Our micromanaging skills allow you to offer flexible services that cover:

Place Your Items in Safe Hands

Photographs and art pieces require special attention and attention to the minute details of temperature and humidity levels. Our storage facility for art pieces is, therefore made to store and preserve the invaluable pieces securely.

You get storage and management, and outsourced logistics for a wide variety of fashion houses, creative business, and interior designers with similar attention to detail and care.

With Denix Moving and Storage Solutions you get a fully managed store and logistics, secure storage, flexible options, and a photographic inventory service where you can store all your interior décor items without fretting about their security. Reach out to Denix Moving and Storage Solutions to consult us about your storage options.

Storage Size Calculator

With a large number of items, it gets challenging to assess the facility you will need to safe-keep them. Our efforts at helping you out with all your storage needs includes a storage size calculator for pre-storage planning. Use our storage size calculator to determine your storage space.

Using simple steps below calculate the size of your storage facility.

Keep a note of the storage space that appeared after calculating before reaching out to our storage experts.

Free Collection into Storage

You are spared the exhausting task of packing and loading the boxes as Denix Moving and Storage Solutions does that for you. The haphazard and unorganized packing by simply stuffing in your items into the box, make them susceptible to breakages. Therefore, you can leave the task to us and relax knowing your equipment, machines, furniture, or any other storage item is in safe hands.

In an effort to make your storing and packing as convenient as we can, we keep on upgrading our services for your comfort. You can benefit from our free removal service for customers who wish to move their items into our self-storage or containerised storage. Terms and conditions applied.

You can reach us out to us through our exceptional customer service care to know more about your choices or to further reach our experts at moving!

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