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Moving OverSeas

Moving overseas is now an easy sail!

When moving to a new country, often people opt for selling their belongings or leaving them behind to rot. The thought of taking the gradual gatherings of decades or years to a distant land is distressing. Why leave behind or sell what is yours when Denix Moving and Storage solutions offer you plenty of options to keep what is yours!

Helping You Move OverSeas

Overseas relocation calls for meticulous planning to ensure an organised trip abroad. We help you with packing and transporting your possessions safely to the foreign land by offering you an extensive set of overseas moving services.

Packaging Service

There can be plenty of reasons for moving overseas. Your plans can be sudden ones due to a transfer, or you can be planning for years to move to a country. In any case, Denix Moving and Storage solutions help you with moving your furniture and other belongings securely to your destination.

Packing takes time and paying attention to tiny details. With sudden plans, it is not easy to manage packing when you have other things on your mind too. You can rely on us to find your precious belongings in one piece at your destination. All your items will be packaged and labelled so that they get the needed care.

We ensure there are no breakages or losing of items. You can easily focus on other aspects of moving, knowing your things are safe with us and will be transported to your place in the decided period. Whether they are gifts or your expensive antique pieces, all will survive international travel.

Transit Services

We will contact you to ascertain your transit package that meets your international needs. You can watch your belongings packed and sealed in a metal container before sending it to the agreed port of departure and shipped to your destination.

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