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Denix Moving and Storage Solutions incorporates high-quality management systems that meet the industry standards of providing customers with efficient removal and storage services. Our years of working and collaborating with projects that range from flats, mansions to multi-premises behemoths have further helped us in upgrading our services to customise them according to your requirements and latest methods. We understand, and therefore we care.

Our History

Denix Moving and Storage Solutions is a brainchild of two friends who went through the trouble of moving to places for both study and work. From their struggle and misery at having to carry along their belongings, breaking items of value or even losing them, emerged an idea of changing the adversity into an opportunity by setting up a business whereby they can help others not to experience the same.

What We Offer

Moving house, office, or any organisation is a daunting task. You have your hands loaded with other things that require your attention along with the task of emptying your place, packing things safely, handling them with care, and transporting them to the new location.
You might end up losing things of value that hold great sentimental importance or are essential for your business. Therefore, Denix Moving and Storage Solutions provide extensive services that include careful and organised packing, handling, transporting, and even disassemble and reassemble fittings and fixtures.


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